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Country Music Night

Country Music Night

This page should change occasionally. We’ll see though, it all depends on what I’m listening to. I’m sorry you’ll have to play each one individually, I couldn’t make a playlist on any platform that’d work with everyone.

Tonight as I’m working and breathing the government’s air, I’m adding songs that sounded good, made me “feel”, smile, or think.

Hope you all enjoy this group of songs: Always Gonna Be You – Is first because this song kicks the shit out of me, “Every Single Time”. My friend sent it to me, I owe her a lot, I owe this process all of my concerted efforts, and I owe a lot to a lot of people. It’ll Always Be You, all the feels.

I put “It’s Better I Don’t” down there at the end because it’s a pick’me up song, and has a lot of truth from my youth (Sorry mom, I’ve done things). So most of this batch of songs, there’s a little truth in every song.

This one’s for my friend Dave, I miss you brother.

This next one is for my friend, it is her favorite (or it was)

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